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About us

A good story is hard to forget. Our mission is to elevate untold stories and translate brand messages into memorable narratives. 

Blueline believes in doing everything wholeheartedly: from relationship-building, to communication, to the deliverables we produce, we are committed to creating work and connections that are meaningful, memorable, and sincere.

Our team of visionaries are passionate about creating visual work that connects with people and brands. Together we are a small, dedicated team of talented artists, filmmakers, photographers, designers, and creative thinkers that present modern but timeless storytelling. We listen to our clients and ask the right questions to identify their goals and needs.

The Make It Memorable Methodology
At Blueline, our approach to every project is built upon a foundation of elements that have worked well to support us in bringing projects to completion while making them truly unforgettable. Our methodology is a 5-step approach not solely based on work and production; it is intertwined with wonder, discovery, emotion, execution, and intuitive input to create lasting effect on audiences.

Understanding our clients and the brands we work with is integral to kicking-off a great project and bringing it all the way through to fruition. Whether we are sitting at the table with stakeholders asking strategic questions or having lunch with families to learn more about their innate dynamics, the discovery phase is about unearthing details that will bring standout qualities to the project.

What we’ll explore:

  • The Heart Behind Blueline
  • You and Your Passions
  • Goals for the Project
  • A Shared Definition for Success
Defining Approach & Preparation

It’s all about the process. Our team will construct a creative brief to define the project and begin laying the foundation for the production by curating scripts, spearheading scheduling, assembling casts, securing wardrobe, defining storyboards, running camera tests, and scouting locations. We will ensure everything is in place and ready to go before the day of filming. We will communicate a shared vision that etches our make it memorable promise into the entire production.

What we’ll present:

  • Creative Approach
  • Shared Vision from our In-house Team
  • We will become trusted representatives of your brand as liaison in pre-production

Authenticity, heart, and loads of enjoyment on set is our motto when it comes to execution. Behind the camera or in the director’s seat, our team is highly committed to a level of cinematography and craftsmanship that captures the purest moments. Our creative directors and producers like to keep it light-hearted while staying on task to create a seamless experience that makes the production phase one for the books.

What to expect:

  • We’ll keep it professional, familiar, and fun during production
  • Our team and technologies are top-notch, always producing world-class productions
Post-Production & Delivery

This is where all the magic made together finally pays off. We work endlessly to extract, edit, and establish a visual story that strikes the chords of audiences. Working with our team of award-winning editors, sound designers, producers, and animators, we will deliver a draft before the final production. After our three-step review process, we will launch the completed project out into the world. Whether it is meant to strike heart chords, jerk tears, or make people laugh until they cry — our methodology guarantees it will be a truly memorable project.

What you should expect:

  • Our editors and team are some of the best in the industry
  • The robust review process guarantees you will love the final deliverable
  • An unforgettable masterpiece

Continual evolution is a part of who we are at Blueline. We pride ourselves on reviewing completed projects with depth and attention while collecting feedback to help refine our process. To ensure we are continuously hitting the mark, we will assess the entire experience and implement feedback into future projects to ensure we continue delivering on our mission to make everything we touch memorable. 

What we believe:

  • Emotional response, resonance, and reactions are real results
  • Relationships lead to better experiences and even better outcomes
  • Our expertise is a continuous evolution of our involvement and evaluations

Team of Creatives

The Blueline Crew

Chelsea Sanders

Executive Director & Founder/Owner

Matt Rice

Creative Director

Hunter Atkins

Producer & Writer

Kevin Weaver

Executive Producer & Owner

Mitch Hannon

Lead Producer

Tucker Gragg

Lead Creative Director

Matt Dillman

Director of Photography

Grace Newlin

Creative Director

Ben Frazier

Audio Engineer & Editor

Founded in 2004, Blueline has grown from a photography and design company to a multi-service creative agency. In 2007, we expanded to include a video department, and in 2014 we employed a full-time web design and development team. Today, all departments work together to provide industry insights and top quality deliverables for our clients.

Origin of Blueline name
The blue line is seen from outer space. It is the thin layer of atmosphere that clings to the earth’s surface by the grace of gravity. Illuminated by the sun disappearing from the local horizon, it appears a vivid blue. It is this line that separates the earth from the endless sky. It’s within this thin blue line that our world flourishes.

In 2004, founder Chelsea Sanders was standing on the shoreline of the Florida Keys gazing into the horizon, contemplating this divide between earth and space. The horizon has held meaning for many people throughout the course of history. It was used for navigation. For centuries, sailors crossed the dark depths of the ocean, using positions of stars and planets relative to the horizon to guide their way. It creates perspective. Artists use a horizon line to scale objects, creating the illusion of depth and thus mapping out masterpieces. It was integral to early communication, determining the distance through which signals could be sent and received. It presents possibility, luring the adventurous at heart away from home and towards the offing.

The horizon represents many things both tangible and abstract, and we believe that this is the sweet spot where creativity thrives. That evening on the shoreline of the Florida Keys, a business was conceived of by a woman. It has since grown to become a collection of navigators, artists, communicators, and adventurers alike, all creating and operating in this sea of ideas we call Blueline.


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