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Sycamore Land Trust

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Sycamore Land Trust protects and restores the beautiful natural heritage of Southern Indiana. When we partnered with Sycamore Land Trust we agreed that in order to save the world we needed to create more awareness for the cause here at home. So we spent a day capturing aerials and sweeping drone shots of different parcels of Sycamore Land Trust land, designed a messaging strategy aimed to drive up donations and membership, and spent some time composing music that spoke to the spirit of their organization. The final result wasn’t just a social media awareness campaign consisting of four 15 second videos, but also an opportunity to cultivate a friendship with an organization that we believe will do great things.

(in collaboration with Blockhouse for aerial footage)

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We are proud to call Bloomington, Indiana our home. Located right off the B-Line Trail in the heart of downtown, we are accessible by car, bus, bike, foot, rollerblades, the internet, and phone. We like to talk, we like to type, we like shaking hands - so call, email, or drop in anytime!



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