March 19, 2020

Greetings! As I’m sure you’re aware, our nation and our world are currently facing a public health crisis. Known by many names, COVID-19 has claimed thousands of lives worldwide and if you or a loved one knows one of the victims we would like to extend our most sincere condolences.

While global health professionals and healthcare workers are battling the front lines of this conflict, businesses like yours and ours are tasked with maintaining operations to the best of our abilities in the hopes of maintaining our strong economy. Companies large and small are taking steps to limit person-to-person contact in the interest of public health, with varying impact by sector.

It is easy to hold meetings over the Internet, but many marketing and mass-communication efforts heavily rely on in-person communication. Traditional video shoots can require dozens of people, and major announcements can draw hundreds or thousands. Blueline can help you maintain normal communication efforts while abiding by municipal or corporate restrictions on travel or large gatherings.

Minimally-Invasive Production

Being physically separated doesn’t mean we need to be creatively separated! A typical video production consists of three phases: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production (photography has a similar pattern.) Pre-Production and Post-Production are both inherently remote, and Production can be for the right projects; we’ve outlined ways we can leverage this nature of our work below.

Local Production and Photography

During an outbreak like COVID-19, one of the biggest dangers to public health is travel across large distances, especially if said travel has a large city at one or both ends. We and our clients work with teams across dozens of cities and states, and while much of this work can continue without long-distance travel, certain projects require it. If you or your team are in need of production or photography services in one of the cities we call home, we would love to fill in any gaps created by keeping your normal production resources out of town.

B-Product Video(s)

Conferences are great spaces to present exciting information and findings, especially for products and services that don’t get to live in the limelight. Blueline can help your team spread that message even if its original venue is no longer viable. Whether speaking to would-be presenters in interview or writing a script, you can turn those cancelled lodging and airfare resources into a piece that helps your research, process, and products shine long past when a panel would have ended. We recently created two videos for Duke Health, one that required medium presence of a small crew, and one that required minimal presence of a small crew. Projects like these may also be possible without any face-to-face contact.


Blueline is a full-service design agency, offering a range of products from banner ads to full magazine/brochure layouts to billboards. Most of our design projects are already configured to function remotely, as we constantly use video conferencing to interact with our clients for design discussions, reviews, and presentations. Whether you’re in need of well-designed communication materials about the current outbreak or are simply in need of some fresh design/brand/marketing content, we would love to help you keep your business’ momentum going during this time.


Similarly to design, animation services can be entirely remote. We regularly share sketches, samples, drafts, and final copies of animated videos without needing to shake hands or meet in-person. Whether a video’s narrative comes from a voiceover or interview, both can be exclusively remote as well.

Internal Communication

It’s often important for executives to present information to all their employees simultaneously. While this frequently occurs via all-hands meetings and large gatherings, other methods are available, and we would love to assist you in rolling these out quickly. Blueline has experience creating both live and pre-recorded content for global viewing by an organization’s employees and stakeholders. We can seamlessly integrate slides and images into presentations, and we can edit a speaker’s performance to feel more natural in case their on-camera delivery is less comfortable than in-person. This service is available via our small (1-2 person) local crews, or it can be carried out remotely via video conferencing to eliminate transmission vectors.

Studio Videos

One of our services that excites us the most, no matter the current events, is studio photography and videography. This style helped us to retell previous eras of collegiate soccer, and describe how a medical company supports its customers. While these examples incorporated in-person interviews, they could have just as easily been completed over web conferences. This type of photo or video content is easy to capture with no face-to-face interaction, and may only require the shipping of relevant objects to our Bloomington office.

Our team is looking forward to the end of COVID-19, and the continuation of business as usual.