February 1, 2021
Photo Credit: Chaz Mottinger

We met George Taliaferro in 2015 while producing an IU Football commercial where he served as our narrator. Like many who have met the man, we were inspired by his openness, his dedication to being a good human, and his steadfast march forward in the face of racism and injustice. We felt his story deserved a broader platform, that more people needed to know who he was and what he represented.

We wish we could have done this work while he was still with us, but the opportunity didn’t present itself until 2020. We have since partnered with the Big 10 Network and officially moved into production of a feature-length film about George’s life and legacy set to broadcast this year.

While we are telling a story about the past, the conversations around race are as relevant as ever. George spent his life breaking barriers on and off the field. He was a leading member of the IU 1945 Championship Team, he helped desegregate Bloomington, was the first African American drafted into the NFL, was the only player in the NFL to have played seven positions—and that is just the punch list.

George was a husband, father, mentor, and friend. He worked to help anyone in need, no matter the color of their skin or their station in life. George once said, “Every human being deserves recognition.” We want this film to recognize him and what he stood for. We hope that in watching George’s story, others will be inspired to emulate his passion for making this world a better place.

Rest Easy, George. 1927 – 2018.

A note from our owner, Kevin Weaver.