IU Athletics

We have had the pleasure to be partnered with IU Athletics for several years now. Throughout that time we’ve produced a multitude of creative that showcases each of its 27 sports teams as well as countless student-athlete and coach stories. Here are just a few examples we’d like to share!

George Taliaferro

In 1949, after graduating from Indiana University, George Taliaferro became the first African-American to be drafted to the NFL. This short film features his presence and wisdom as a pioneer of racial equality in sports.

George Taliaferro

The first African-American to be drafted to the NFL.

 “If you live life the way you play football you’ll be alright.”

– George Taliaferro

I’m A Hoosier

In the athletic arena, what makes a Hoosier? Is it a skillset? A mindset? A calling to excellence? We followed five student-athletes who exemplify the Hoosier tradition, and through example and insight, give us a glimpse into what makes a Hoosier.

I'm a Hoosier

Follow five student-athletes who exemplify the Hoosier tradition.

“Being a Hoosier means being a part of something bigger than just me.”

– Courtney Harnish

LEO Docu-Series

This series is a collection of profile pieces that highlight student-athlete and coach stories within the IU Football program. Told through the broader themes of care and support, particularly the Love Each Other mantra adopted by Coach Tom Allen, we explore how individuals within the program are inspired by not just the game, but also their peers, to play their best football.

Love Each Other

Indiana University Football

“It’s not some recruiting tactic. It’s not some fun thing to put on a building or put out on social media. It’s real life.”

– Coach Ballou

Lilly King – Hoosier Bedtime Stories

The animated Hoosier Bedtime Series was a fantastic exercise in rhyme and animation. It allowed us to recreate epic Hoosier athletic feats to mirror the tall tales we were told as children. Here we follow the exciting whirlwind of a story that is Lilly King’s swimming career. 

Lilly King

Hoosier Bedtime Stories

“When choosing a college she knew what to do, we all know olympians swim for IU…”