Indiana University Bloomington

Indiana University is home to over forty thousand students, and therefore has many departments with a variety of video needs. This has given us the opportunity to work on projects with unique messaging goals, targeting audiences that vary from prospective students, current students, faculty, alumni, and more. Deliverables have been used for private events, internal promotions, digital campaigns, to broadcast commercials.

Franklin Hall

A Transformation

Franklin Hall

History is continually being written. While many students have come and gone through the doors of Franklin Hall, the building stands as an icon to the richness of the history at Indiana University. While the function of a building may change, people find themselves connected to their experience in it. To capture the power of this building we found the story from a past student who was uniquely connected to the building. Jonathan Banks walked the halls of Franklin Hall as a student when the building served as the campus library. His unique connection to the building was through his grandfather, who was a stonemason for the building. The facade hasn’t changed much, but the interior has been transformed.

The crew listened to what we wanted and produced a video that was better than we could have imagined. It made an impressive debut at our formal building dedication ceremony, and it’s continued to serve us well as a tool to help recruit new students to The Media School.

Anne Kibbler//Director of Communications, The Media School

I Followed My Path

2019/2020 Indiana University Commercial

2019/2020 Commercial

Through a series of “I” and “You” statements, and narrated from the student perspective, this video captures the relationship that builds between student and university. This combination of student agency and university support demonstrates the way in which individual empowerment is promised by IU.

The story is always at the center of the work Blueline does and they do a killer job telling stories. Authentic people, good service and body of work that proves they can get the job done and done well.

Tim Keller//Creative Director, Indiana University

IU Firsts

Fulfilling the Promise | Indiana University

IU Firsts

Rooted in the freedom to make their own decisions and explorations, this video shows students experiencing their ‘firsts’ of college life. These experiences are a series of meaningful moments that collectively serve as a foundation for their course of study, social lives, and understanding of, and success in, the world.