Duke University

Prestigious universities now must navigate a landscape overcrowded with higher-ed buzzwords: “Service,” “Global Mission,” “Commitment to Excellence.” But Duke recognized that a more intimate approach would cut through the noise. The collaboration between Duke and Blueline demonstrates how the language of documentary work can do justice to any institution’s greatest asset: its people.

Duke Women’s Basketball

The Duke Women’s basketball program is a family, a family of players from all different backgrounds and skills. Every player brings something special to the team and every player has a unique journey that brought them to Duke. Blueline was trusted with capturing these journeys and editing them down to an entertaining hype piece to be shared before home games.

This is Duke

Women's Basketball

Match Day 2019

Each year the Duke University School of Medicine hosts Match Day. This is a day when their medical students gather together to learn where they have been placed for their residency programs. We were lucky enough to capture such a special moment as everyone celebrated with their friends and family.

Match Day 2019

Duke University School of Medicine

Duke Divinity School

Duke Divinity commissioned a video to document a performance and historic collaboration between two professors and a trio from the Boston symphony orchestra. This performance-oriented piece documents the first public remembrance of Lin Zhao, the most important political dissident of the Mao era. Moved by the commitment of the scholars and musicians, we used archival material, interviews, rehearsal, and performance footage to bring their efforts to life on the screen.

Blood Letters

Duke Divinity School