Cali’Flour Foods

Cali’Flour Foods was founded by Amy, a passionate mother rocked by a medical need to move away from gluten. While gluten-free alternatives continue to emerge in the marketplace, Amy’s search for a pizza crust that was 100% natural came up short, so she made her own. We loved the opportunity to help her and her team tell this story and build a mix of content that promoted just how fresh, natural, and healthy a cauliflower-based crust can be!

Brand Story Video

In telling the Cali’Flour brand story we captured scenes from one of their key farm partners as well as aspirational scenes for potential customers – a family dinner, a refreshing lunch, and a girls’ night out. Joining these scenes with words and footage of the founder herself built a cohesive story for viewers about what the product is, why it’s important, and who can benefit.

The Brand Story

Cali’Flour Foods

Behind the Scenes

I’ve been so lucky to work with the Blueline team in a number of ways over the last few years. Most recently, they created a series of videos for our brand, and they are awesome! The team was so organized, which streamlined the process and our time on set tremendously, and they had all of the items we needed to make the video and photoshoots successful. The finished products were amazing! The quality exceeded our expectations, and we were so glad we chose them to create this essential branding element. We’ve worked with many companies over the years and have found Blueline to be the best. I would highly recommend working with Blueline.

Amy Lacey, Owner of Cali’Flour

15-second Amazon Spots

In our discussions with Cali’Flour’s staff it became clear that many who need and enjoy their products are busy, and may not have time to seek out their product and watch longer appeals. To reach these busy customers, we used the same California-collected footage to assemble four 15-second spots intended for use on Amazon Prime and other streaming services.

Farm to Family

Cali’Flour Foods

Healthy (Harvest)

Cali’Flour Foods