Animation Highlights

Similarly to our design services, our animation services can be entirely remote. We regularly share sketches, samples, drafts, and final copies of animated videos without needing to shake hands or meet in-person. Whether a video’s narrative comes from a voiceover or interview, both can be exclusively remote as well.

Inventor’s Day Animation

Duke Energy

Duke Energy: Inventor’s Day Animation

To celebrate Inventor’s Day in early 2019, we partnered with Duke Energy to make a short social media animation illustrating the growth of understanding and technology surrounding electricity. This animation was truly seamless, with each scene sharing components with preceding and succeeding scenes. The end of the video fades back to the starting frame, allowing for a perfect loop on platforms which loop content by default.

Making an IU Olympian

Indiana University Sport Science

IU Day: Sports Science

These data-driven animations focus on the stats that make IU’s world class athletes unique. Using line-based drawings with near-constant motion, the graphics live alongside the subjects of the video more than standard block-based images.

Procedure Process Animation

UNC Gynecology

UNC Gynecology: Procedure Process Animation

Not all medical processes are as simple as an annual check-up or vaccination. Working with medical students at the University of North Carolina, our team built this animation to help potential patients understand everything that would be happening surrounding their upcoming surgery. The style of moving from room to room helps viewers understand the sequence of upcoming events as well as the spaces in which events will take place.

Lilly King

Hoosier Bedtime Stories

Hoosier Bedtime Stories – Lilly King

This storybook style animation shows a narrative tale told in rhyme. Its use of watercolor backgrounds and animated characters help to create the strong storybook theme, bringing an air of legend to one of IU’s most accomplished athletes. 

IUWBB Superheroes

Hoosier Bedtime Stories

Hoosier Bedtime Stories – IUWBB Superheroes

Not only does this video exhibit our killer songwriting and singing skills, but it harnesses the power of animation storytelling to highlight the superhero nature of the IU women’s basketball team, while feeling like a Saturday morning cartoon.  

All Hail Assembly Hall

IU Day

IU Day: All Hail Assembly Hall

To celebrate the completion of renovations to Assembly Hall, we built an assortment of custom graphics that illustrate why fans love the storied building so much. This style of in-environment stats is a step above the typical information-on-screen approach, and visually emphasizes the subject of each factoid.

Gifts of Tangible Personal Property

IU Foundation

IU Foundation: Gifts of Tangible Personal Property

This style focuses on walking the fine line between abstract and representative. It serves to help viewers understand the plethora of win-win ways they can support their Alma Mater, while being as distant as possible from the implied link to mortality by using generic animated objects and simple gradient environments.