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Casting Call

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Posted: 11/1/22

Open Casting Call

Pilot Episode for Travel Series

Award winning production company, Blueline, is casting a host for the pilot episode of a half hour multi-camera unscripted series for the Big Ten Network. 



[HOST] Host has the soul of an adventurer whose natural curiosity propels him/her towards unexpected places, new people, and new experiences. The host should be somewhat Big Ten knowledgeable. More important however is that he/she be game for anything and comfortable being themselves. This role may require the host to participate in impromptu athletics (running to catch a long pass from a BIG TEN quarterback, for example)! Host age range 27-45 years old.

[SYNOPSIS] In the pilot episode, the host will road-trip to Bloomington, Indiana, to meet with local guides. The host’s mission is to experience the regional characters and attractions that make Bloomington resonate so strongly with those who have called it home. 

[LOCATIONS]  Filming will take place in Bloomington, Indiana on a day between November 14th-18th.

SUBMISSIONS: Please complete our brief submission form. Please send any questions to Deadline to submit November 9th. 

This is a paid role. No union affiliation. No on-camera experience necessary!  

We are open to applicants of all backgrounds, abilities, ethnicities, and gender expressions. 

Creative Team:

Co-Director: Kevin Weaver       

Co-Director: Tucker Gragg 

Producer:     Grace Newlin 

We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting for every role. Qualified performers please submit without regard to disability, race, age, color, national origin, or any other basis prohibited by law unless otherwise specifically indicated.


TO SUBMIT BY EMAIL please include the following information. (Please send applications and files to




Photos (no more than three, professional headshots not required): 

Are you represented by an agency yes/no and if so who?:


Phone Number:


Some sort of availability indicator for November 14th-18th:

Background (3-5 sentences): 

What are your personal interests? (3-5 sentences) 

What made you decide to submit for this project? (3-5 sentences) 

Anything you would like us to know about you? (3-5 sentences)

Self Tape: (Please attach aninformal cell-phone or computer recorded video (you may add links as well) of you responding to the following prompt. Please keep the video under seven minutes.) 

PROMPT: Please describe a town of your choice and three of the places, people, or activities that you enjoy from that location and why.  

VO Recording: (Please attach video or audio recordings (you can add links as well) of readings of the following voiceover scripts. It is fine, but not necessary, to “make it your own”  with word or phrase substitutions that make it feel more natural to you.) 


“I park my van to stretch my legs and immediately find myself on campus. Ky Freeman, IU’s student body president, meets me outside and agrees to be my guide. He takes me around the beautiful campus, I take photos with the various statues and even try to lure a squirrel to snag some footage to send in to the student run ‘Squirrels Of IU’ Instagram account. There are beloved squirrels literally everywhere.”


“I am greeted by owners Ray McConn and Mark Hajduk who let me in on the secret of running a pizzeria on the corner of a Big Ten Campus. They show me what big game days at a little ol’ pizza joint look like. And of course, I couldn’t leave without adding my own mark on their heavily graffitied walls.”

If you have any other samples of on camera work please add links to work.

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