The Partnership

Blueline produced several videos for the Regional Opportunities Initiative. ROI highlights three of the most successful sectors of the south central Indiana economy and uses its resources to promote education and job growth within these sectors in order to strengthen them for the future economy.

After discussing goals, market data, and intended audiences with ROI, Blueline developed three categories of videos, each targeted to meet specific job market needs.

The Work

Four of these videos were designed to speak to a younger audience, to pique their interest in skills, experiments, projects, or ideas they have already been introduced to, and to show that there is a connection between those things and a future career. This example addresses how backyard engineering can lay a foundation for a fulfilling career in National Defense.

Three videos spoke to the primary employment sectors in the region, encouraging existing residents to consider available careers, and encouraging future residents to bring their skills and job opportunities to an already-thriving economy.  This example speaks to the thriving Life Sciences sector in the Indiana Uplands.

Nine videos were cinematic job shadow experiences designed to drive high schoolers towards filling roles with immediate needs in the community, or pursuing post-secondary education towards said roles. This example follows Yolanda, a Quality Engineer at General Motors in Bedford, IN.

All videos in this series are available on the ROI website.