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Blueline Pictures | Kahuli

Hawai‘i’s native snail species face an emergent threat and are rapidly disappearing.

REI | Feel of Vision

Curating a visual story of perseverance and power.

Adidas | Worth The Wait

A history deeply defined.

Rakuten | The Rising

Rising to the occasion with Steph Curry for Rakuten

B1G Ten Originals | George Taliaferro Film

Illuminating an Icon

Blueline Pictures | JB the Film

Losing is easy, Loss is Hard.

Pigasus Pictures | The Good Catholic

A Veering from Tradition

Monroe Hospital | Time to Heal

An Essential Story

Outside TV | Cutters Film

A Driven Collective

Pigasus Pictures | Ms. White Light

A Metamorphosis Between Worlds

IU Athletics | Not Pictured

A lost Hoosier name comes home to Assembly Hall.

Blueline Pictures

What began as a collective curiosity for chasing untold stories has quickly emerged into a media outlet that has begun to attract storylines that are timeless. Producing unvarnished pictures, the sector is solely set on creating worthwhile stories that breach the status-quo of entertainment. 

Established in 2013, Blueline Pictures is the long-wing cinema sector of Blueline. With Emmy nominated projects under its belt, the sector takes an evolutionary approach to film while remaining distinctly dedicated to creating visual stories in a way that evokes lasting emotion. 

With projects gracing the screens of notable outlets such as Netflix, Peacock, Big Ten Network, PBS, Outside TV and Amazon Prime TV; the long-form narratives filmed here are about uncovering real plots, resonating with raw empathy, and bringing vital voices to light in the most memorable way. 

No matter if a story seeks us out or we will it into existence nothing here happens if we don’t believe in it. Welcome to Blueline Pictures.

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